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The Story of Margaret Henderson and Arthur Robertson and their Descendants in Australia

Table of Contents

List of Maps
Part I : Shetlanders
Chapter 1 : Margaret Henderson & Arthur Robertson
Chapter 2: Coming to Australia
Chapter 3: Let’s Go Backwards - the Robertsons in Shetland
Chapter 4: Barbara, John and Peter Robertson
Chapter 5: The Gift of Music
Part II: Settlers
Chapter 6: Life in Australia
Chapter 7: Generation B - Agnes Robertson
Chapter 8: Generation B - James Robertson
Chapter 9: Generation B - Arthur Robertson Junior
Chapter 10: Generation B - Margaret Robertson
Chapter 11: Generation B - Robert Robertson
Chapter 12: Generation B - William Adie Robertson
Chapter 13: The Robertsons & Christianity
Part III: Native Born
Chapter 14: The Children of Agnes Robertson & Michael Grace McCue
Chapter 15: The Children of James Robertson & Frances Halls
Chapter 16: The Child of Arthur Robertson Jnr & Margaret Rutherford
Chapter 17: The Children of Margaret Robertson & George Chiselett
Chapter 18: The Children of Robert Robertson & Mary Jane Cairns
Chapter 19: The Children of William Adie Robertson & Jane Mathieson
Chapter 20: The Robertsons & the Demon Drink
Part IV: Dispersal
Chapter 21: The Descendants of Agnes Robertson McCue
Chapter 22: The Descendants of James Robertson
Chapter 23: The Descendants of Arthur Robertson Junior
Chapter 24: The Descendants of Margaret Robertson Chiselett
Chapter 25: The Descendants of Robert Robertson
Chapter 26: The Descendants of William Adie Robertson
Chapter 27: Occupations, Arts & Crafts
Genealogical Charts

THE FOLLOWING GENEALOGICAL CHARTS CONTAIN THE NAMES , DATES OF BIRTH AND OCCUPATIONS OF LIVING PERSONS and I have made them unavailable online. If you are a family member you might write to me, Garry Gillard (the online editor) to ask me to send you the chart relevant to you.

Notes on the Genealogical Charts
I: Chart of Descendants of Agnes Robertson
ll: Chart of Descendants of James Robertson
III: Chart of Descendants of Arthur Robertson Junior
IV: Chart of Descendants of Margaret Robertson
V: Chart of Descendants of Robert Robertson
VI: Chart of Descendants of William Adie Robertson
VII: Table of Descendants of Margaret Henderson & Arthur Robertson
Appendix 1
The Franklin Expedition to find the North-West Passage, 1845-48
Appendix 2
Children of John McCue and Margaret McDonald
Appendix 3
Linking Robertson - McCue - Mathieson - Le Couteur - Crouch - Croft
Appendix 4
James Robertson Lands Department Document July 1874
Appendix 5
Writings, Sayings & Other Bits and Pieces
Acknowledgements and Resources

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The Folk from the Wind Wound Isle : The story of Margaret Henderson and Arthur Robertson and their descendants in Australia.
Includes index.
ISBN 0 95818091 1
1. Robertson, Arthur, 1815-1896. 2. Henderson, Margaret, 1812-1887. 3. Robertson family. 4.
Henderson family. 5. Shetland (Scotland) - Genealogy. 6. Australia - Genealogy. I. Title.

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