'The Cinemas of Fremantle'

In February 2015, the Cinema and Theatre Historical Society of Australia published with my permission in their journal CinemaRecord #85 an article based on my Fremantle Cinemas webpages. The Society claims copyright in the journal, but as I wrote almost all of it and provided most of the images I think I'm justified in reproducing pages 22-29 here.

The journal's editors have introduced a few errors, some amusing. The snap on page 23 of the 'gutted Majestic upper auditorium' was taken not by me but by the Mayor of Fremantle, Brad Pettitt. And on page 28 the Port Cinema is said to be 'undergoing a make-over' when it's actually being demolished!

Garry Gillard | New: 1 March, 2015 | Now: 15 June, 2022