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Supertext and the Mind-Culture System:
Freud, Lévi-Strauss, & Bateson

Garry Gillard


Chapter 1: Introduction

Chapter 2: The Freudian model and the analysis of culture

The nature of text
Culture and textuality
The mind-culture system

Chapter 3: Freud on culture

Epoch and species

Chapter 4: Lévi-Strauss and the structuralist project

Lévi-Strauss's debt to Freud
The Lévi-Straussian unconscious
Levels of culture
Lévi-Strauss as analyst

Chapter 5: Bateson and the functionalist project

Bateson's debt to Freud
Steps, levels, benchmarks
Family, culture and art
Bateson's mind-culture system

Chapter 6: Conclusion

Bibliography of works cited

Heartfelt thanks to Bob Hodge, the onlie begetter of this insving dissertation, all happiness and that eternitie suggested.

I wish to thank, as warmly as cold prose can simulate: Bob Hodge, a wise father who will know his own child; Vijay Mishra and Alec McHoul for the scholarly guidance each has generously given; and other colleagues and friends for reactions, suggestions and moral support—Lois Achimovich, Mari-Vi Angel, Alan Mansfield, Zoë Sofoulis, Kathryn Trees.

Garry Gillard | New: 8 August 1996 | Now: 17 October, 2021