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Christina Bennett Robertson 1880-1968

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Christina Bennett aged, what, nineteen? I believe she had a 19 inch waist at this time. This is a favourite photo, which I remember hung for years on a wall at 98 Eighth Avenue Maylands, the property which Christina owned in her own right. The original is in the care of Graeme Robertson, one of her grandsons.
Christina Bennett was born 2 Feb 1880, Scotchmans, Ballarat, Victoria. She later married James Need Robertson, and they had three children together. She died 14 June 1968 in Perth, WA.

The young mother with her three children. As the youngest, Linda, was born at the end of 1915 (in Geelong), this would be 1916, and Christina would have been 36.

As a mature woman.

And then the grandmother of five of us.

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