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Margaret Worrall's Genealogical Code

The code used is one devised by Margaret Worrall for her own convenience and does not relate to any standard genealogical code.

Please make corrections and add as much information as possible. Some of those born in the 1970s will have occupations and possibly liaisons and children by now. Adopted children are considered as being part of the family even though there may be no blood relationship.

Margaret Henderson and Arthur Robertson are classified a 'A', being the original couple coming to Australia from Shetland in the 1860s. B = the next generation, ie: Arthur and Margaret's children. C = their grandchildren and so on for each successive generation. B1 against Agnes Robertson means she was the 1st surviving child of Margaret and Arthur. B8 against Robert Robertson means he was the 8th surviving child of Margaret and Arthur.

SR = Shetland Records

Family name used by each individual is in capitals. Parentheses ( ) below name or bolding of given names indicates a commonly-used name when this is different from the first given name.

b. = date and place of birth

d. = date and place of death (and where buried in some cases)

o. = occupation

m. = marriage, including date, place and name of partner
m1 and m2 are used if there is more than one marriage
( ) brackets following or below marriage gives known information about partners

df. = defacto relationship with name and details of partner following in parentheses (The intention is to prevent people wasting energy looking for marriage certificates.)

divorce = divorce

* = data has been recently checked by a family member

New: 11 December 1998 | Now: 28 January 1999 | This code (and genealogy) is the work of Margaret Worrall. The HTML author is Garry Gillard.