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Fletcher Hogarth

Fletcher William Hogarth (1866-1931) was the second husband of Ethel May Hill (1885-1919). She had previously been married to William Edgar Gillard (1873-1906) who died very young, after fathering Ethel May's first two children, David Michael and William Robert Gillard. Fletcher and Ethel's children were twins Keith and Ethel (born 31 December 1910). Ethel herself died young, just before her 34th birthday.
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This may be the photograph that records Ethel May's marriage to Fletcher Hogarth (some time around 1909). The man at the centre is Ethel's father, William Samuel Hill. Fletcher Hogarth is the man on our left, and so the woman next to him would be Ethel May. The two boys are David and Will. The other woman, on our right, is almost certainly Ethel's sister Beatrice, and the other man is their brother Leslie, who was 6'2" tall. Keith and Ethel, the Hogarth twins, are yet to be born, on 31 December 1910.

This is Fletcher Hogarth (1866-1931) with his daughter Ethel Margaret (1910-1952), taken after Ethel senior had died in 1919, possibly about 1925, I'm guessing from the look of the younger Ethel. Many thanks to Val Jasper for sending this - on 28 December 2010, just three days before the centenary of the birth of the twins, Ethel Margaret and Keith Bernard.

A later photo of Ethel Hogarth, daughter of Ethel May Hill and Fletcher Hogarth. There is a photo of her with one of her daughters - and me and my mother - here.

Keith Hogarth, Ethel's dizygotic twin, in 1941 before he embarked for service overseas. He survived the War and died, aged 80, in 1991.

It's striking that tho Ethel May Hill is buried in the RC section (having converted to Catholicism to marry WEG) her second husband's - Fletcher Hogarth's - remains are something like half a kilometre away, in the Presbyterian section. His grave (in the bottom of the photo) is also unmarked, at FA 585.

Not only that, but her father's grave is also far away, as he was CofE and she converted to Catholicism to marry her first husband, as I just said.

Ethel Hogarth (daughter of Fletcher and Ethel) married Karl Lothringer and had two daughters, May (Edwards) and Alma. The younger Ethel died in November 1952. Alma died January 2015 at the age of 67.

Keith Hogarth married Ruby May Herridge, known in the family as Bonnie, and they had four children, including Ian and Peter Hogarth, Delys Perry, and Valerie Jasper.

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