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My Gillard Genealogy 1500-

Nicolas Gaillard b. 1500, Normandy, d. 1547 Pitminster, Somerset m. Johannes Sevenocke 1524 in Pitminster

Nicholas Gaillard b. 1525, Pitminster, Somerset m. Joan Brixton b. 1529

Nicholas Gaylard m. Johanne Newman 23 June 1572: 5 children: Agnes, John, Robert, Thomas, Avies

Robert Gaylard (Gayllard) b. 1578 m. Edyth Wotton 3 May 1613: 4 children: Robert, Elenor, Thomas, John

Robert Gayllard b. 1614, m. Elizabeth?: 3 children: Robert, John, Thomas

Thomas Gyllard b. 1655 m. Anne?: 4 children: Thomas, Elizabeth, John, Robert

Robert Gillard b. 1687 m. Mary Priest c. 1718: 6 children: William, Robert, Thomas & John, Elizabeth, Thomas, Henry

William Gillard b. 1719 m. Barbara Cox: 6 children: William, Elizabeth, Robert, John, Henry, Mary (There was a John Gillard in the NSW Corps in Sydney in 1788; perhaps it was this JG.)

Robert Gillard bapt. 20 January 1765 m. Elizabeth Hill 15 April 1792: 3 children: Joel, Ruth, Vincent

Vincent Solomon Gillard b. 1803 m. Mary N. Dyer: 5 children: Paul, Robert Dyer, Sarah, Susan, Joel

Robert Dyer Gillard b. 1830: nine children: Robert Henry Gillard, Elizabeth Mary Arabella Gillard, Eugene Thomas Vincent Gillard, George Edward Gillard,William Edgar Gillard (with first wife Martha McGrath) Arabella, Ellen Ann, Ernest William and Avernus Deiphobus (with second wife Bertha Cribb) no issue from third marriage to Grace Maling (she already had a son, Charles H. Maling)

William Edgar Gillard m. Ethel May Hill (daughter of William Samuel Hill: 2 children: William Robert, David Michael

David Michael Gillard m. Mary Linda Robertson (daughter of James Need Robertson): one child: Garry Michael

Garry Michael Gillard m. Jennifer Lynne Nash: two children: Eleanor, Sarah/Katherine


Coate, Yvonne E. & Kevin Coate 2000, More Lonely Graves of Western Australia, Hesperian Press, Carlisle, WA.

Gillard, Jeffrey J. 1978, Thick on the Ground: A Story of Van Diemen's Land and of Free Settler George Gillard, his ancestors and descendants 1572-1809-1978 (with brief references to other early Australian Gillard families), Printed [privately] for the Author in Melbourne Victoria, Limited Edition. The genealogical chart above is from Jeffrey Gillard's book. Jeff got it wrong between the fifth and seventh generations. The William (son of Thomas Gillard) he shows having children in fact died when he was 2 years old. There was another William of the same generation, son of Robert Gillard (b. 1687) who was the father of Robert Gillard (b. 1725) who married Barbara Cox and who was the father of another Robert who was the father of Vincent Solomon who was the father of Robert Dyer. I've forgotten exactly how I know this. I would have told by a relative.

Palmer, Alex 2006, Yundamindra: Its Towns, Mines, People and Station, Hesperian Press, Carlisle, WA.

Worrall, Margaret 2004, The Folk from the Wind Wound Isle: The Story of Margaret Henderson and Arthur Robertson and their Descendants in Australia, privately published, Whitfield, Cairns.


Many thanks to the many relatives who did the real work reflected on this website, on this page and elsewhere: Jeffrey J. Gillard, Margaret Worrall, Jessica Worrall, Adrian Spall, Barbara Cohen, Joyce Hargreaves, Steward Hogan, Raymond Burt, Lillian Sprouting, Ronda Wicks (Eller), and her Gillard family pages (now gone from her page but still available from the archive).

iFamily for Mac , an excellent genealogical program for Mac, GED exportable, inexpensive and well supported

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