Marriage of Eleanor and Wayne

Sittella, 25 October 2013

Eleanor and Wayne with Best Man, Mace Francis

Eleanor and Wayne with groomsmen Matt and Greg

Eleanor and Wayne with groomsmen and Janice who got to hold the bridal bouquet because she was nearest

Eleanor and Wayne with their siblings: Wayne's brother and his sister Leonie, and Eleanor's sister Katherine

Eleanor and Wayne with Eleanor's mother Jenny and Jenny's three brothers: Geoffrey, Garry and Allen

Best Lady Erin, on the right, with bridesmaids Kate and Shenaye

The bride's sister Katherine reading an Apache wedding blessing

A Nash tradition: every 15 years or so, when all four siblings are in the same town, they have a photo taken in the same arrangement
(That's the bride on the extreme left, and a closeup of her bouquet.)

I took these snaps on my iPhone5 for some reason, tho I had a cheap digital Ricoh. I used that to take other snaps of the reception. I also kept the compressed copies of the photos the pro took.

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