Songs and Southern Breezes

Bob Copper, Songs and Southern Breezes: Country Folk and Country Ways, Heinemann, London, 1973. With drawings by the author. Foreword by John Arlott. Music transcription, editing and artwork by David Kettlewell. [Includes the words and tunes for fifty songs.]

Songs collected by Bob Copper and included in this volume
Rich Merchant and his Daughter
Caroline the Rich Merchant's Daughter
The Banks of Sweet Dandee
Bonny Bunch of Roses, O
Stormy Ol' Weather
The Bold Princess Royal
Off to Epsom Races
To Hear the Nightingales Sing
Poison in a Glass of Wine
The Nutting Maid
John Barleycorn
Her Servant Man
Johnny Sands
The Little Cobbler
Poor Lonely Widow
As Broad as I was Walking
Blow the Winds, I Oh
The Female Smuggler
The Cook's Choice
Rolling in the Dew
Down by the Green Bushes
The Banks of the Mossen
Jim the Carter Lad
George Collins
The Bold Dragoon
In Sheffield Park
Young Johnny
Young Butcher Boy
Rose in June
False Lanky
The Squire's Lost Lady
The Silver Pin
Spencer the Rover
Dogs and Ferrets
The Molecatcher
The Trooper
God Bless the Master of this House
The Dummer Sheener's Gang
Lord Bateman
Barbara Allen
Three Maidens
Prickle-holly Bush
Four Jolly Fellows
Six Jolly Miners
Little Fisherman
So Abroad as I was Walking
Winchester Gaol
The Streams of Lovely Nancy
If I were back 'ome in 'Ampshire
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