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Marriage of Garry Gillard & Jenny Nash

22 February 1978

This is a scan of a print from the time: the colours have degraded, making the gardens of the Great Court of the University of WA look tropical - perfect for Jenny's floral gown - and brother Allen's safari suit.

This is the first of many scans of what the photographer called 'rough proofs' - 'not corrected for density or color'.

The 'rough proofs' are only about 6cm x 4cm, so are not sharp.

We went to some trouble to find a celebrant who would conduct a ceremony with no reference to religion, and managed to find the President of the Humanist Society, Laaden Fletcher.

I went to a suit hire place I've forgotten the name of, and found that the suits were only a bit more to buy than to hire, so I acquired two - one for my best man, Hans Stampfer. Satin lapels, flares, big floppy tie: it was the 1970s. I still have the suit, tho it's been many years since I could get into it.

Jenny's dress was made by my mother, who was a professional dressmaker. Jenny later made the material into curtains or cushions or something.

This is a (scan of a) print, not a 'rough proof'.

Back to the proof. There is also a print from it below, for comparison.

This is the cropped print, not a 'rough proof'. It's obviously a closeup of the one above.

Signing the register: the serious bit.

I think this is the point at which it really becomes a legal contract, rather than when you say 'I do' or whatever.

So we're showing we really have done it. Our appearance in the divorce court was 19 June 1992, fourteen years later.

Bride and groom and our extant parents. Jenny's father died in 1976.

On the left, Jenny's mother, Lois Eleanor Christiansen (Nash/Gregory).

Lois's children from her second family, Andrew and Michelle on the left. On the right is Jenny's eldest (of three) brothers, Allen Bruce Nash.

My Dad and Mum and their only child, 34 at the time. Jenny had just turned 22 three days before.

Hamming it up, my best man, Hans Stampfer, on the right, and Jenny's bridesmaid, Janice Achimovich, left.

Behaving ourselves now, with the gatehouse of Winthrop Hall in the background.

Why don't I have a print of this one? I'll bet someone does.

My idea of an attempt at a formal 19C portrait photograph.

Cut to the restaurant where we had the reception. Its French owner called it The Peppercorn. It was in Glyde St, Mosman Park. Jenny worked there as a waitress. I did two nights (altogether) as a wine waiter. (The restaurant is in 2022 called Samson's Paddock.)


Janice's eldest daughter (of three) Alison, on the left.

I think the lady on the left was Jenny's aunt.

Jenny's mother, Lois Eleanor nee Christiansen, is on the left, with, in front of her, her two children by her second marriage to Mike Gregory, Andrew and Michelle. That's Allen, Jenny's eldest brother (of three) between her and me.

I think my Mum and Dad (on the right) might have had too many fizzy drinks. Her sister Adie and Adie's husband Frank Reudavey (on the left) didn't drink much at all.

My Mum's brother Norm got into this one, on the right, He liked a drink too.

Three of my four first cousins (Rod wasn't there). The two women standing are Thia (Cynthia) and Phillis, Frank and Adie's (on the left) two daughters. Their husbands, Don Wright and John Dolling are behind them. Seated on the right is Graeme Robertson, Norm's son, with his wife Heide.

... Jenny married again, in the mid-1990s, to Kevin Gillan. I never married again, but had once before, to Penny Baker, in 1966.

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