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Prefects 1960

Back Row: Jack Bennett, Edward Lazarus, Robert Bower, Frank Pitman.

Middle Row: Patricia Wrightson, Peter Colombera, Trevor Cole, David Feldman, Peter Merralls, Jennifer Hetherington.

Front Row: Elaine Sanderson, Heather Olds, Philip Harvey (School Captain), Mr Noel Sampson (Principal), Jennifer Chessell (Senior Girl), Joy How, Valda Brodie.


The Senior Mistress was Clare Casey. Why is she not in the photo?

There were nine male prefects, but only seven females.

Three of these prefects (that I know of) did not get scholarships, and entered in fourth year: Jack Bennett, Peter Merralls, and Peter Colombera. I have no record of Joy How getting a scholarship.

An election was (definitely) held in which students voted to say who should be a prefect, I believe separately for boys and girls. I have no idea whether staff also had some say; I'm guessing they did.

Any correlation between academic success and prefectness? The short answer is No. This group ranges from Trevor Cole, who won two exhibitions - a general and the one in Chemistry, and Patricia Wrightson, general exhibition – to Jack Bennett, who passed in only four subjects.

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