Prepared to Pioneer:
A History of Wubin 1908-1939

Bert Cail, Judith Reudavey & Joy Wornes

Wubin Progress Association Inc. © August 2005

There are two versions of the book on the site.

One is written in html, that is, it's a regular webpage - using David Kilpatrick's scanned images.

The other is a pdf version (24Mb large file) which is a 'facsimile' of the original. Many thanks to David Kilpatrick who created the pdf file, having laboriously scanned the whole book.

Permission to republish was requested some years ago, but received no replies from anyone contacted.

References and Links to do with Wubin and the region

Cail, Bert, Judith Reudavey & Joy Wornes 2005, Prepared to Pioneer: A History of Wubin 1908-1939, Wubin Progress Association.

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Gervas, Stan 1991, Five Graves in Dalwallinu: A Life of Wilhelm Friederich Gustave Liebe, Vintage Book (self-published). Stan Gervas, in his biography of Liebe, suggests that three Klein children were in fact fathered by Liebe, possibly explaining why there are five identical graves in Dalwallinu, one containing the remains of the unmarried Gus Liebe, a second those of Albert Klein, and a third those of Hedwig (Klein) Collins. (The other two are those of Hedwig's husband and one of her sons.) Liebe was a very sucessful farmer in the Wubin area.

Palmer, Alex 1988, Paynes Find, LAP Industries, North Lake, © Alex Palmer.

Wubin: Gateway to the North.

Dalwallinu history.

Charles Darwin Reserve Community History.

Fremantle Stuff page for Gus Liebe.

My pages for members of the Reudavey family.

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