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Mary Ann TREGONNING Hocking


Mary Ann TREGONNING was born 17 June 1837 in Gwennap, Cornwall, England. She married Richard Hocking in 1868 in Ballarat, Victoria, and they had seven children.

Their fourth child Lilian Jane (Wasley) came to Western Australia in 1897. Mary and her youngest child Cerceda Grace (Reudavey) arrived in Fremantle on the Marloo, 7.3.1898.

A regular visitor to Jibberding, she had a self-contained dwelling close to the Henry Reudavey’s homestead. Her name was included along with Werner Baumbergen, John and Albert Day, George and Alma Denick, Cerceda and Henry Reudavey and Mary Jane Richards on an Intelligence Report 1917, of people investigated for allegations of disloyalty by Constable Robertson of Buntine.

Mary died 5 August 1925 at Mount Lawley.    

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See also: Mary Ann's son-in-law, Cerceda's husband, Henry Reudavey, and his sons Frank Reudavey, Alan Reudavey, Eric Reudavey.

Source: A History of Wubin 1908 to 1939, Wubin Progress Incorporated [2005?]

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