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Henry Bennett and Christina Patterson

I have no photo of Henry Bennett, born 14 Aug 1835, York, England, miner (Christina Bennett's birth certificate). I vaguely remember being told that one of my ancestors came to Australia to work on stained glass here because that was his trade in England. If so, it might have been Henry Bennett, who may have learnt the trade at York Minster, or at any rate in its shadow. I should say, however, that this is a very vague and untrustworthy memeory. He married:

Christina Patterson, born Stirling, Scotland. Married Ballarat 24 Nov 1864.
I'm not certain this is she in these two photos. This is my thinking: I had these two photos from my mother, who would have had them from her mother. The period makes it probable that it's one of my greatgrandmothers on my mother's side, and it's not the other one (Frances Halls who married James Robertson). So I conclude that it's my mother's mother's mother, born Christina Patterson. I can only hope that someone who knows something about the Patterson (or Paterson) family of Stirling will one day provide more information. She looks like a lovely, lively lady.

Children of Henry Bennett and Christina Patterson

Richard, born 1 Oct 1865, Scotchmans, Bunninyong (suburb of Ballarat Victoria). Married Florence ('Florrie') and had a daughter called Lorraine who was in some way disabled.

Eliza, born 8 Apr 1867, Scotchmans.

William, born 24 Mar 1869, Scotchmans. His daughter, Victoria Elizabeth (b. 9 April 1890), married Leslie Clarence Brown (19 March 1890 - 13 October 1957. Their only child: Coral Browne [sic: she added the 'e'], the actress, was first married to Philip Pearson, an actor who became an extremely successful actors' agent.After he died she married Vincent Price, who outlived her.Coral was born 23 July 1913, Melbourne, Australia, and died 29 May 1991, Los Angeles: no children.

Christina, born 14 Feb 1871, Scotchmans. Died 1 May 1872.

Charles Henry, born 17 Apr 1873, Scotchmans. Went to S Africa, married Lotte. Son was a minister.

James, born 7 June 1875, Scotchmans. Married Eleanor Kate.

Julia Ann, born 28 July 1877, Scotchmans. Married Jack Coleman, a geologist who worked at Kalgoorlie and Albany.One daughter, Marjorie, worked in the laboratories at the principal hospital in Melbourne.

Christina Bennett Robertson, born 2 Feb 1880, Scotchmans. Official Number of birth entry 840/80. Married James Need Robertson 5 Dec 1906, Claremont, WA. Their children: Adie Christina Robertson, James Norman Robertson, Mary Linda (Mollie) Robertson.The last, Mollie, married David Michael Gillard and they had one son, Garry Michael Gillard.

Harry Patterson, 17 May 1882, Redan, Ballarat. Married 4 Oct 1905, Golden Ridge, WA. Married Edie, sister of the Eleanor who married James. They had two daughters, Christine and Phillis, who married someone called Flynn and who had auburn hair and green eyes.

Norman, 9 Jan 1889, Albert St, Sebastopol, Victoria. Died at 63. He was Christina[2]'s favourite, and James Norman Robertson was named after him.

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