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Reudavey family

My mother's sister married a Reudavey.

The elder sister of my grandmother Christina Bennett's second daughter, Mary Linda Robertson - Adie Christina Robertson - married Francis Edward (Frank), son of Henry Reudavey. Frank and Adie's children are three of my four first cousins.

The surname was created by Henry Davey. His mother’s maiden name was Rewell and Henry attached this to his own surname to make Rewell-Davey, which became Rew-Davey and then Reudavey. So all of the Reudaveys in the world descend from this Henry Reudavey (1870-1946).

He married Cerceda Grace Hocking (1881-1979) and they had nine children: Francis Edward (born 16 October 1904); Dorothy (Chisholm) (born 6 May 1907); Marjory Lillian (McKenzie) (born 18 January 1910); Eric Wilfred (born 20 October 1912; Alan Charles (born 28 January 1916); Nancy Isobel (Barker) (born 12 April 1918); twins Joyce (Nolan) and Eunice (Robertson) (born 4 August 1920); and John Henry (Jack) (born 24 June 1924).

Cerceda was the daughter of Mary Ann Hocking (1837-1925).

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