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Family of Robert Robertson of Shetland and Victoria, and Mary Jane Cairns

Margaret Worrall is the author of almost all that follows.
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Son of Arthur Robertson
b. 8.5.1853, Hellister, Shetland (SR)
d. 21.1.1941, Geelong, Vic. Buried at Port Campbell
o. 1. Stone waller
2. Evangelist
m. 1875 Mary Jane CAIRNS at Derrinallum, Vic
(b. 5.7.1861, Skipton, Vic. d. 4.5.1942, Geelong, Vic, buried at Port Campbell)
Issue: 9 = m.f.m.m.f.m.m.f.m.


b. 28.8.1876 Port Campbell, Vic (Rab) d. 14.5.1961, Surrey Hills, Vic
o. Baptist Minister
m. 7.5.1907, Fanny Jane DANIELL at Gympie, Q
(b. 29.8.1873 Gympie, Q. d. 24.6.1961, Surrey Hills, V.)
Issue: 2 = f.m.
5 grandchildren
9 great grandchildren


b.28.7.1877, Port Campbell
(Nan) d. ?.1.1958, Geelong
o. music teacher / cottage handcrafter
Unmarried, no issue


b. 11.5.1881, Port Campbell
d. 28.12.1972, Canberra, ACT
o. Baptist Minister
m.1. 1896 Josphine (Josie) HOGAN in Qld
( 1876- 1939, d.Sydney, NSW)
m. 2. 21.5.1940, Jessica COLLINS at Ormond, V.
(b. ? - d. 16.2.1963, Adelaide, SA )
Issue: 1 son
1 grandchild
2 great grandchildren


b. 12.12.1883, Port Campbell
d. 17.4.1965 Hawthorn East, Vic
m. Lillias Clare CAMPBELL (29.2.1888 -17.4.1965)
Issue: 3 = m.f.m.
4 grandchildren
great grandchildren not known

C5. Margaret ROBERTSON

b. 18.8.1885 Port Campbell
d. 21.2.1950 East Melbourne
o. Teacher
Unmarried, no issue

C6.William Gladstone ROBERTSON

(Glady) b. 1.7.1888
d. 3.10.1917 France while serving in WWl
m. Alice HARLOCK
Issue: 2 sons
4 grandchildren
8 great grand children

C7. George Gordon ROBERTSON

b. 8.11.1890 Geelong
d. 1.9.1954, East Malvern, Vic
o. Baptist Minister
m. 1922 Evelyn (Evie) WADMORE
(b. 13.3.1893, Geelong - d. 13.10.1979 Caufield, V)
Issue: 1 daughter
1 grandchild
3 great grandchildren

C8. Charlotte Spurgeon ROBERTSON*

(Lottie) b. 30.6.1893, Geelong
d. 26.2.1976, Kew, Vic
m. 4.1.1916, Sidney Edmund DICKINS at Geelong
(Grocer/ company director, b. 12.4.1892, Geelong - d.17.12.1964, Melbourne)
divorced. 1943
Issue: 6 = m.f.m.f.f.f.
13 grandchildren
21 great grandchildren

C9. Stuart Rutherford ROBERTSON

b. 27.5.1898, Geelong
o. Invalid Pensioner
d. 21.8.1964, Mont Park, Vic
Unmarried, no issue

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